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The Mind Your Mood Award, funded by donations from students, graduates and staff from Ulster University provides grants to a maximum of £1000 to support student focused projects and activities that promote positive mental health for the benefit of other Ulster students.


Mind Your Mood is a student-led initiative supported and managed through Student Wellbeing, which aims to educate and improve the mental wellbeing of students at Ulster University through a range of workshops, resilience building activities and awareness raising campaigns.

  • Criteria

    The Mind Your Mood Award provides grants to support student focused projects and activities, with a particular emphasis on promoting mental fitness and challenging the stigma around mental ill health amongst the Ulster student population.

    Students are invited to apply for an award which may enable for e.g.:

    • financial backing for a student-led mental health awareness project in their course, school or faculty, club or society;
    • funding for a student/students to develop a new idea, particularly focussed on promoting mental fitness amongst the Ulster student population;
    • finance for structured student mental health projects for the benefit of the Ulster student community in which the student lives (on or off campus);

    Registered undergraduate and postgraduate students (who are in good academic standing at Ulster University) can apply to the Mind Your Mood Award. Students can apply to the Award as an individual or as a member of a group. Please note that only one application should be submitted from any one group.

    Awards will not normally exceed a maximum of £1,000 and multiple Awards to support a single project will not be made. Please note that successful applicants will be required to provide the name of an academic member of staff to oversee the project(s) including financial acceptance and allocation.  Successful applicants will also liaise with Student Wellbeing representatives to provide updates and evidence of facilitation and completion. Funding must be used within this academic year 2019/2020.

  • Application and assessment

    It is your responsibility to ensure that all sections of the form are completed. If there is any information missing when the deadline passes, your application will not be considered by the Mind Your Mood student ambassador group or the University assessment panel members.

    Applications will be assessed solely on the information provided in this form, therefore please ensure that all relevant information that could affect your application is included and that your answers are as comprehensive as possible.

    All applications will be subject to an initial assessment conducted by the Mind Your Mood ambassador group who will shortlist applications.  Eligible applications will then be reviewed by a University assessment panel for further assessment.

    Please ensure that your responses are clear and unambiguous and avoid technical jargon that your assessment panel may not easily grasp.

    Your application will remain confidential between you and the fund decision makers.

    It is strongly advised that applicants familiarise themselves with the questions and formulate their answers prior to filling out their application forms on line.

    Competition for funding will be high, so unfortunately not all projects, no matter how worthy, will receive an award.

  • Academic mentor

    Please provide details of an academic mentor who must be an Ulster University Academic who is aware of your project in a professional capacity. The academic member of staff is responsible for support to oversee the project(s) including financial acceptance and allocation. The assessment panel reserves the right to contact the academic mentor if further details of the project are required.

  • Allocation of awards

    The successful applicant or group will be notified by the Student Wellbeing Manager via email of their success and the next steps necessary.  Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified via email.

    The successful applicant or group may, as a condition of the Award, be asked to advocate for the Mind Your Mood campaign upon request and will be required to provide a testimonial on the impact of the Award.

    If you have any queries regarding this award you can post your question to

Please complete the application form below before midday on Friday 31st January 2020.
Applications received after this time will not be considered in this round of funding.

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