About - UK/Home Students

This is a discretionary fund that can provide help for registered UK/Home students who have exhausted all other options of financial support.

If better money management could rectify your current financial situation, we will invite you to attend a meeting with one of our team to put the necessary steps in place.

It should not be assumed that you will receive an award. Assessment may conclude that receiving money management guidance will rectify your financial situation.

Fund opening dates

The fund opens mid-October and closes mid-July each academic year (subject to funding available)

Priority Groups

Whilst consideration will be given to these priority groups, each application will be assessed according to individual needs and funds awarded at our discretion.

  • Students who have dependents (must be the main carer)
  • Students who have a long-term diagnosis or disability (Registered with AccessAbility or can provide a GP letter)
  • Mature students (25 and over)
  • Final year students
  • Care Leavers (letter to confirm)
  • Students who are Homeless or living in Foyers (evidence required)

Criteria for application

  • You must be a registered UK student undertaking a full-time or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate course at Ulster University. (This includes sandwich courses, but excludes year out.)
  • Full time students - you must have taken your full student maintenance loan and tuition fee loan, or provide evidence that you are not eligible (where applicable).
  • Part time students - you must be studying at least 50% (60 credit points) of a full-time equivalent course and must have taken your full tuition fee grant and/or loan, or provide evidence that you are not eligible (where applicable).
  • You must show, with supporting documentation that you have made arrangements for payment of tuition fees (if not eligible for funding) and daily living costs.
  • You must provide evidence that you have exhausted all other sources of income, for example, student overdraft, student loans, grants, bursaries, benefits, assistance from family, savings and part time earnings.
  • We will only accept ONE application from you in the academic year.
  • All students applying for financial support will need to complete a Mind your Money workshop. A digital workshop and worksheet will be emailed to you once you have submitted your application. We want to empower our students with the knowledge and awareness to help you better manage your money, both during university and after you graduate.

The fund is not for

  • The fund cannot be used to meet the cost of tuition fees.
  • The fund cannot be used as a means of maintaining a student's lifestyle.
  • The fund is not for those showing evidence of gambling/betting.
  • The fund is not for those showing evidence of excessive spending.

Receiving an award

If you receive an award:

  • this will be a one-off payment
  • It is YOUR responsibility to put stringent measures in place to avoid the same situation occurring again. If you need further guidance on this, you can meet with a member to our team.
  • Successful applicants should be advised that payments from the fund may have implications for your entitlement to social security benefits, please check with your social security office for more information.

Application Process

  1. About the fund
  2. Documentary evidence required
  3. Apply for the fund