Apply for the fund for UK/Home Students

When you have determined that you are eligible to apply and have gathered all of the documentary evidence that is required, please follow the below instructions on how to submit your application:

  1. Visit the ADX Portal and log in using your University ID number (e.g. B00123456) and your current portal password.  If you cannot remember your password, you can select the ‘forgot password’ option.  Read the steps to follow.
  2. Complete all requested parts of the form, including the personal statement detailing your current financial situation, measures taken to rectify it and how an award from the support fund would help whilst studying at Ulster.
  3. Attach all relevant documentary evidence, failure to do so will deem your application void.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once your application has been submitted online, you will receive a reference number confirming your submission has been successful, (this reference starts SFA). Please quote this reference when contacting us about your application.

Tracking your application

You can track the progress of your application by viewing the status on the online portal that you used to submit your application.  Here is an explanation of the application statuses:

  1. New: Your application has been successfully submitted and our team will shortly perform an initial check to ensure that all relevant evidence has been received to support your application. If any additional evidence is required, we will send an email directly to your Ulster student email address requesting the missing evidence.  We will not proceed any further with your application until this evidence has been received.
  2. Pending: This status will show once our initial checks have been completed and until the requested missing evidence has been received.
  3. Ready for Assessment: When we have received all evidence required in support of your application it will be ready for assessment.  This is the start of our KPI countdown and we aim to process all applications within 20 working days of this status. Our Student Money Advice team will review your application and evidence to determine if you are eligible for an award.
  4. Ready for Spot Check: This is where we verify the assessment decision.
  5. In Payment: Your application has been successful and it is being processed in preparation for it going to the finance department for payment.
  6. Rejected: This means your application has been rejected and we will contact you to let you know the reason for this.
  7. Sent for Payment - Complete: Your details have been sent to our finance department in order for them to arrange a BACS transfer. Once they have released the funds, you will receive a remittance email confirming the amount of award due. This awards will normally take 2-3 banking days to go into your account after your remittance email has been received, or:
  8. Sent for Payment - Outstanding Balance: This is similar to 'Sent for Payment - Complete', however, you may also be eligible for an additional award later in the year, once all applicants have received their first payment and providing funding is still available. All students will receive a second email from finance if we are able to issue a second payment.

Application Process

  1. About the fund
  2. Documentary evidence required
  3. Apply for the fund