Financial Support for ROI, EU & International Students

Financial support for ROI/EU and international students.

This is a discretionary fund that can provide financial assistance for registered ROI, EU & International students who have exhausted all other options of financial support.

The Fund is open during the academic year for ROI, EU & International students registered at Ulster University.

How to apply for the fund

1. Documentary Evidence

Visit our Documentary Evidence for the evidence required to show your sources of income and the reasons that you need.

2. Create Personal Statement

Complete a personal statement detailing:

  • the circumstances surrounding your financial situation
  • what steps you have taken to try to rectify the situation
  • how any financial support you may receive would be used.

3. Send your application

It is imperative that you submit the correct evidence to support your application.

Attach ALL documentary evidence to an email (as attachments) and email to

Criteria for application

To be eligible for the University Hardship Fund:

  • We can only accept one application per academic year
  • You must be a registered ROI, EU or International Ulster University student.
  • You must be in good academic standing.
  • You must show (with supporting evidence) that you have made arrangements for payment of tuition fees and day-to-day living costs.
  • Provide evidence that you have exhausted all other potential sources of income, for example, student bank account overdraft, student  loans, grants, bursaries, assistance from family, savings and part-time earnings.
  • All first and second year undergraduate students, under 25 years old, must attend a Mind Your Money workshop before their application can be assessed.  We want to empower our students with the knowledge and awareness to help you better manage your money, both during university and after you graduate.

The fund is not for

  • The fund is not for meeting the cost of tuition fees.
  • Signs of gambling/betting or excessive spending will void your application and you will not receive an award.
  • The fund cannot be used as a means of maintaining a student's lifestyle.

If you receive an award

  • It should not be assumed that you will receive an award. Assessment may conclude that receiving money management advice and guidance will rectify the financial situation.
  • If you receive an award, this will be a one-off payment. It is your responsibility to put stringent measures in place to avoid the same situation occurring again.  If you need further advice on this, you can meet with a member to our team for guidance. Remember! It’s your responsibility to manage your money!