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Course relocation

Our Belfast and Coleraine campuses are being transformed through major investment in buildings and teaching facilities. Our ambitious plans include the relocation, by September 2019, of all courses currently based at Jordanstown. 

Most courses at Jordanstown will move to our expanded Belfast campus while a small number of courses will go to Coleraine in 2018. There will be no courses at Jordanstown from September 2019 onwards. Courses already at Belfast, Coleraine and Magee will not be affected.

If you are applying to a course at Jordanstown, starting in September 2016, lasting four years or more, you will be affected. If you are applying to a course at Jordanstown, starting in September 2017, lasting three years or more, you will be affected. This includes all full-time and part-time undergraduate courses, part-time postgraduate courses and research. 

All of our campuses have excellent transport links and a range of private and university-managed accommodationIf you are applying to a course which is moving you should consider how you will be affected, you may have to consider alternative transport and accommodation arrangements.