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Moving in

Find out when you can move in, insurance and your induction.

When can I move in?

After you have accepted your offer of accommodation you will receive an email asking you to complete an online induction and also book the time/date of your arrival into accommodation.

All students can book to arrive from the Saturday of registration week and staff will be available both Saturday and Sunday to facilitate this.

In exceptional circumstances particularly for international students, it may be possible to arrive before the first Saturday of registration week.

Students who require accommodation earlier should contact the appropriate Residential Services Office in advance.

What about insurance?

Students living in University accommodation have their personal belongings insured through a block insurance scheme.

Your personal possessions insured are defined as laptops, clothing, personal furnishings, kitchen equipment, linen and soft furnishings, computers, photographic and audio-visual equipment.

Cover for sports equipment, musical instruments and pedal cycles require additional cover through the scheme. The insurance cover provided is for accidental loss or damage including theft.

Full details on the insurance scheme will be made available on your arrival.

What about broadband connections?

All University accommodation provides internet access within the rooms the majority of which has access to Wi-Fi.

Telephone connections are provided within a number of developments with subscription to an external provider being required.


Now that you are resident in accommodation please ensure that all of the appropriate equipment is provided and is in reasonable condition.

An email will be sent when you collect your keys, it will have a link to the inventory site on the accommodation portal.

You must register the condition of carpets, walls etc. and any furniture or equipment provided in your apartment and bedroom. You have seven days from collection of keys to complete it.

Please note that charges will be incurred at the end of year for any equipment, fittings, furniture or furnishings that appear to be damaged or missing, particularly if they were not registered on your inventory.

Once registered on your inventory remedial action will take place or alternatively the condition of walls, carpets etc. will be noted.

Induction Session

In addition to the e-Induction that you completed prior to arrival you are required to attend an induction session.

This information session will explain the rules and regulations you will be expected to follow during your time here. This will include information on personal and fire safety.

You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Please note that it is compulsory for all residents to attend an induction session.

Information on where the induction is being held for your particular residential area will be provided.

Social Events

Residential assistants have planned a range of activities and events for your arrival and throughout the first semester.

Please try to participate fully in these activities as it will help you settle in quicker by helping you make new friends and allowing yourself to experience new cultures.

A full list of activities will be available on arrival or can be viewed on the Residential Services website or Facebook page.

If there are additional events or activities which you think that other students would be interested in attending or participating in, please contact your resident assistant or Residential Services.