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Glenwhirry & Glendun Resident Information

The Glendun and Glenwhirry residences are situated on the Glenville Road, which is just a fifteen minute walk from campus.

You are close to Whiteabbey Village and Loughshore Park which is a nice place to go for a walk or have a picnic.

As well as having these activites nearby there are excellent transport routes into Belfast where you will find plenty or shops, restaurants and bars, there is defintely something for everyone.

Resident Assistants

Your resident assistants (RAs) live on-site and provide a vital link to the Residential Services Office.

They will make themselves known to you within the first few days of moving in, please make contact with them if you have any difficulties.

The RA contact details are posted on the notice board outside the amenity flat - 17 Glenwhirry Court. Your RA’s are:

  • Chloe Robinson - Glenwhirry 1, 2, 3, 4, 16 & Glendun 7, 8, 14 - Glenwhirry 10.05
  • Jordan McMullan - Glenwhirry 5, 6, 7, 14, 15 & Glendun 4, 5, 6 - Glenwhirry 6.02
  • Jack Marshall - Glenwhirry 8,9,10,11,12,13 & Glendun 2, 3 - Glenwhirry 16.02

Your Caretaker

The site has a caretaker, Alan Boyland employed by the owners to look after the maintenance and house-keeping arrangements during normal office hours.


If any repairs are required, please report them via the Residential Services Office in Dalriada Student Village Block 5 as soon as possible.

Repairs should not be reported directly to the caretaker, but must come through the Residential Services Office, so that they can be logged and tracked.

Please telephone 028 9036 6394 or email

Light Bulbs

Replacement light bulbs are your own responsibility.

If a florescent tube is required in the kitchen or study bedroom, this should be requested via the Residential Services Office.


A keypad meter supplies electricity to your flat (it is located just outside the main entrance door.) Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) has allocated a specific 19- digit number for your keypad.

You will need to use this number to buy electricity from any outlet displaying the Pay Point logo (See The nearest outlets are in the Spar Supermarket at 607 Shore Road, Whiteabbey Village, (halfway between your flat and campus), or the on-campus Spar Express shop which is just off the Mall.

A card showing the 19-digit number has been left at your keypad meter.

If you are unable to find this card (or the number) a replacement card or record of the number may be obtained from the Residential Services Office on campus.

Also the RAs will have a note of the 19-digit number for each flat.

If you are experiencing any difficulty concerning your electricity you should ring NIE on 08457 455455.

Alternatively, you can ask the on-site caretaker or an RA for help. Please note that residents are responsible for making arrangements with their own flat mates in regard to jointly sharing the cost of electricity in their flat.

You should budget for spending approximately £10 each per week particularly during the winter, and organise a top-up rota.

Heating/Hot Water

The heating is provided by electricity and is built into the floor. Each room has its own temperature control so you may set this to your needs (0 = OFF; 1 = ON).

The system is linked to outside air temperature and works through the “Economy 7” tariff.

You should not require any additional heating appliances.

The hot water tank is in the bathroom, the bottom switch should be left on so that the tank is heated during the night at the “Economy 7” tariff.

The top switch may be used if additional hot water is required.

Fire Safety

The fire alarm system is for everyone’s protection.

On hearing an alarm, you should evacuate the flat immediately, and not return until you are told that it is safe to do so.

If you encounter a fire, no matter how small, you should sound the alarm and evacuate the building.

Please do not tamper with any fire safety equipment. A fire drill will be carried out each semester, or as required.

TV Reception

If you have your own television in your room you may not be able to get a good picture, it will depend on where your room is located, and if there is a good line of sight or strong signal from the transmitter.

The broadband connection in your bedroom is capable of carrying TV pictures to your computer/laptop.

Remember, if you receive any television signals (no matter how poor) you will still need a valid TV license.


Your residential fees are inclusive of broad-band direct to your study bedroom.

All you need to do is plug in your computer or laptop to the socket at your desk using a CAT 5 cable.

A cable should be in your room already; if not just contact Residential Services or your RA.

Communal Cleaning Schedule

You are responsible for all the cleaning in the apartment.

Cleaning equipment can be found in the store. As you will be sharing your flat with four other students it is important that the communal areas that you share (such as the kitchen, living room and shower etc) are kept clean.

To help you do this and to be fair to each of your flat mates, a cleaning schedule template is available via the Residential Service Office to help you organise a cleaning rota.

Please co-operate so that everyone does their fair share.


Please make sure that all your rubbish is placed in the steel bins supplied.

These are located close to the barbeque area at the entrance to Glenwhirry Court.

Car Parking

There is on-site parking for about 35 cars. Free parking is provided on a first come, first served basis.

The University accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle left in the car park.


Closed circuit television cameras monitor the complex 24/7.

However, you should remain security conscious at all times, and not leave doors or windows open.

Check the identity of ALL callers, if you are at all suspicious of anyone, please do not hesitate to report your concerns to the duty RA.

You are advised to take basic safety precautions when traveling to/from the complex, especially in dark mornings and evenings, i.e. avoid travelling on your own, or attracting attention to yourself.


There are two barbeque facilities at Glenwhirry Court which residents are free to make use of these at any reasonable time.

As a courtesy, please inform an RA in advance of your intentions.

Please ensure that you clean up afterwards as a sign of respect to other residents.

Local Amenities

There are several local amenities close by.

Your RAs can advise you of these, for example in Whiteabbey Village, Abbey Centre, Loughshore Park or the national cycle route into Belfast and beyond.

There is a chip shop at the corner of Glenville Road/ Shore Road, and a 24-hour Maxol service station at the roundabout (towards Belfast), which stocks groceries.

Emergency Situations

In an emergency, your first point of contact is an RA.

Please check the notice boards at the amenity flat - 17 Glenwhirry Court for emergency contact details.