Commemoration and Law: Narratives of Political Violence in Transitional and Conflicted Societies

Dr Kris Brown

About the Project

Contact: Dr Kris Brown
Funder: British Academy

This partnership project facilitates the development of relationships between researchers addressing commemoration practices in Northern Ireland and amongst Palestinians. Workshops, seminars, and knowledge exchange events will ensure sharing of best practice and methodologies across similar contexts, leading to the production of a report, journal special issue and a major collaborative funding proposal to support future research.

Comparison and knowledge exchange possibilities abound between Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine, but little work has been undertaken to date in relation to political memory. This partnership redresses a comparative and analytical gap. The project primes a research programme comparing processes that have generally been missed by case specific research.

A workshop series is planned in NI and Israel/Palestine, with discussion centred on methodologies and observations and how these can be applied comparatively in respective regions. The workshops will build relationships to nurture a strong partnership that can produce a competitive funding proposal.

Research Objectives

1. to build an overview of the range/forms of commemorative activity in each area with a view to comparison.

2. to establish key overlapping themes encountered in commemoration

3. to exchange information on methodological capture/ analysis

4. to identify problems in conducting commemorative research in deeply divided societies

Intra-regional co-operation will be facilitated through:

Viewing this collaboration as a means to create a broader network pursuant to a larger comparative project.

Workshops that will bring together a group of scholars working on cognate issues but generally in stratified national contexts.