Digital Skills - with pre-defined authentication

Essential and Advanced Skills for Desktop and Mobile Device Users

Online training materials and support documentation for the IT and communications services provided by the University.

Searching for a Topic

A large range of Digital Skills course materials is hosted on the website. You may login to the website using the link below and search for the topics you are looking for.

Once you have logged in, you can use the Search field at the top of the screen to enter the search term of the topic that you are looking for e.g. Excel 2016. Some suggestions will appear directly below the Search field but, if these are not what you are looking for, you can press the magnifying-glass button to conduct a full search of the website.

Your search may return a large number of potential courses and videos. To reduce that number, you can use the Filters to the left of the search results. For example, you could select: Courses from All; Beginner from Skill Level; and the application name (e.g. Excel) from the Software list. The Subjects list will also help to focus on the topic you are looking for.

Direct Link

This direct link will bring you to the home page of From there you can search the entire website and select any course you choose. You will be asked to enter your University email address and University network password at an Office 365 login screen once you click on the link. Videos on Search Options

These two short videos show how you can search the website.

Search Guide has created this Short Guide for Ulster University on how to gain the best results when searching their website.