Sustainability Smart

The Sustainability Smart Awards helps to disseminate information on current sustainability projects and initiatives and provides a local contact point for sustainability issues.

NEW! Sustainability Smart Awards

Sustainability at Ulster University is hosting an information session about the new Sustainability Smart Awards.

The Sustainability Smart Awards aim to encourage, recognise and celebrate the efforts of Schools and Services in making our University more socially responsible and sustainable.

The Sustainability Service works with teams to identify their potential impacts and opportunities using a bespoke suite of actions, which support the University’s sustainability strategic goals.

There are award categories available for, office-based teams, education-based teams as well as cleaning and portering-based teams.

What are the Sustainability Smart Awards?

The Sustainability Smart Awards encourage, recognise and celebrate the efforts of staff, students and departments* to make our University more socially responsible and sustainable.

*or offices, buildings, research centres, schools, residences and more!

How do the Awards work?

To earn an Award, teams must meet criteria across a range of social responsibility and sustainability themes including waste, travel, energy and water, partnership working, learning, equality, wellbeing and procurement. Teams track and submit their progress on an online workbook and there is support available throughout the process.

What happens once a workbook is completed?

Bronze, Silver and Gold level awards are issued based on the number of actions completed.

An audit team, made up of volunteer student auditors, will be recruited to check that the workbooks accurately reflect the actions completed as part of the awards.  The student audit team will verify a selection of submitted workbooks.

The auditing activities and training will be recognisable under the University’s Edge Award following the submission of a reflective statement.

The reflective statement shall include an evaluation of the time spent training and completing audits and also reflecting on the employability skills which have been gained from participating as a Sustainability Smart Student Auditor.

Who can take part in the Awards?

Any School or Service can get involved in the awards.  Whole departments can take part or smaller teams within areas. For example, your office or laboratory can take part.

The awards are not aimed at any one type of post-holder – any member of staff can lead on behalf of their department and the more people you can get on board, the easier it will be.

What will a Sustainability Smart Team do?

Although the role is an important one for the University, we don't want to burden teams with too much additional work. We estimate that teams will not be required to undertake more than one to two hours a month either attending meetings or helping to promote sustainability practices within their School or Service.

We hope that Sustainability Smart Teams will continue to, or make an extra effort in:

  • Being pro-active in promoting good sustainable energy, waste, wellbeing, equality and procurement practices within their School or Service.
  • Reporting to the Sustainability Manager ideas for improving sustainability issues.
  • Raising awareness with colleagues about sustainability matters and awareness campaigns.
  • Acting as local contact point for associated information/publicity.
  • Sending ideas/suggestions to the Sustainability Manager for consideration at the University’s sustainability steering group meetings.

How do I get involved in the Sustainability Smart Awards?

If you are interested in setting up a Sustainability Smart Team or becoming a Sustainability Smart Champion, please contact Marie-Louise Gaile, Sustainability Manager, at ext. 24195 or .  We can always use your help!

Become a Sustainability Smart Project Assistants

Sustainability Smart Project Assistants (SSPAs) are student volunteers who work closely with their assigned team to motivate, support and help them complete their toolkit.

How to get involved