Green Impact

The network helps to disseminate information on current environmental projects and initiatives and provides a local contact point for environmental issues.

Green Impact

Green Impact

The network helps to disseminate information on current environmental projects and initiatives and provides a local contact point for environmental issues.

Green Impact 2018/19 Launch

Sustainability at Ulster University is hosting an information session about the Green Impact Programme.

Green Impact is a national environmental accreditation scheme. Each year Green Impact teams made up of staff and contract staff members work to make positive environmental changes within their departments.

Join us for the Green Impact 2018/19 launch. This will be an opportunity to meet other staff and find out more about the project from the NUS.

You are welcome to come along even if you choose not to commit to a team. You can come as an individual, a representative from a team or as a group. The more the merrier!

If you can’t make it to the launch event but you or your team are interested in participating in Green Impact, please email

Register for the Green Impact Launch at your campus

Belfast/Jordanstown Coleraine/Magee

What is Green Impact?

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme with an awards element designed for university departments and aims to empower individuals and departments to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging, rewarding and celebrating practical environmental improvements.

How does the Scheme work?

The scheme works by teams completing an online workbook, which comprises practical and easy to implement actions.  Teams will get support in completing their workbooks through: webinars and email and telephone support.

What happens once a workbook is completed?

Once the workbook is completed, points are awarded for each task undertaken and implemented.  The completed workbooks will be processed by NUS and based on the number of tasks completed an accreditation standard (Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.) will be provisionally awarded to each Team.

An audit team, made up of volunteer student auditors, will be recruited to check that the workbooks accurately reflect the actions completed during the project.  The student audit team will verify a selection of submitted workbooks.

The auditing activities and training will be recognisable under the University’s Edge Award.

Who can take part in the Scheme?

Any School or Directorate can get involved in the Scheme.  Whole departments can take part or smaller teams within areas. For example, your office or laboratory can take part.

The scheme is not aimed at any one type of post-holder – any member of staff or student can lead on behalf of their department and the more people you can get on board, the easier it will be.

Why do we need Green Impact Teams?

As a large, multi-campus organisation, we have a significant impact on the environment.  Although we have implemented a number of energy-efficient and carbon-reducing measures and initiatives to help improve the University’s’ environmental performance, we still need to raise awareness among our students, staff and visitors. That is where our Green Impact teams and Environmental Champions come in – they are instrumental in encouraging others to change the way they have an impact on the environment.

What will a Green Impact Team do?

Although the role is an important one for the University, we don't want to burden teams with too much additional work. We estimate that teams will not be required to undertake more than one to two hours a month either attending meetings or helping to promote greener practices within their department or school.

We hope that Green Impact Teams will continue to, or make an extra effort in:

  • Being pro-active in promoting good energy, waste and environmental practices within their department or school.
  • Reporting to the Sustainability Manager ideas for saving energy and reducing waste and passing on related staff suggestions, complaints or maintenance/operational issues.
  • Conducting environmental walkabouts to identify good practice and potential savings (as long as time and work commitments allow).
  • Raising awareness with colleagues about environmental matters and University procedures relating to energy usage, waste disposal and awareness campaigns.
  • Acting as local contact point for associated information/publicity.
  • Raising the profile of the University’s environmental aims and awareness campaigns in any local staff or departmental meetings.
  • Sending ideas/suggestions to the Sustainability Manager for consideration at the University’s environmental sustainability steering group meetings.

How do I get involved in Green Impact?

If you are interested in setting up a Green Impact Team or becoming an Environmental Champion, please contact Marie-Louise Gaile, Sustainability Manager, at ext. 24195 or .  We can always use your help!