Carbon conscious

This is the name of the University’s environmental awareness and communications campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to provide staff and students with a better understanding of the University’s main environmental impacts and encourage the adoption of ‘carbon conscious’ behaviours to help reduce these impacts.

The campaign is based around the following four key themes, which relate to the University’s main environmental impacts.

  • Energy and water conservation
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Sustainable travel
  • Waste reduction


Staff are encouraged to adopt the behaviours shown within each of the theme images below to help reduce the University’s impact on the environment.

Please feel free to download posters from the following links for display in your workplace.



Students are also encouraged to adopt the following related behaviours during their time at the University.


Staff Induction- Environmental Awareness

The University recognises that its daily activities have a considerable impact on the environment, and we are committed to continually improving its environmental performance through the introduction of initiatives to reduce this impact.

The following presentation has been prepared to inform all new staff of the University’s key environmental impacts and the initiatives in place to reduce these impacts. It also provides guidance on how each member of staff can help to reduce the University’s environmental impact.