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My Career

Your Career Starts Here

Whether you're in first year or final year, it's never too soon or too late to start planning your career.

The Careers team at Ulster University is here to help, and we're Always On.


  • My Career

    Whether you’re in First Year or Final Year the Careers team is here to help, and we're Always On.

    MyCareer has been developed to help you plan your career, and to support you in reaching it.

    At Ulster University we pride ourselves in ensuring that you are provided with all the right information, guidance and resources to get the most out of university and be on the right track to secure a graduate level job.

    We've covered every stage of your undergraduate journey at uni and listed the all relevant resources that you'll need at each stage. Using these will aid your progression until you graduate, ensuring you are prepared for life after graduation.

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    What You Need

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  • First Year

    Welcome students, you’re now at the beginning of your journey with Ulster University and congratulations on securing your place on your chosen degree programme.

    The university look forward to you furthering your studies for the next three/ four years and getting to know you while helping you excel in your chosen discipline. Through supporting you we hope that not only do you enjoy your time with the university but you gain the most from your degree. By continuing your education with Ulster University you can guarantee to be challenged academically as you’re studying at one of the top 3% of universities in the world (QS World University rankings 2015/16) but still be exposed to all the experiences of studying at one of our campuses all located in vibrant social spots.


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  • Second Year

    Welcome back and well done on completing your first year and returning to study at Ulster University.

    Second year comes with new challenges that can easily leave you feeling lost. However, the Career Development Centre are here to support and guide you continuously throughout this important year. We understand that students feel like they should know everything by this stage, however, this isn’t the case. By seeking guidance through the service you ensure that you have a clear focus academically and will receive personal encouragement to guarantee you excel in your degree.


    We hope that you have already started to think about placement year and the quest to secure a placement. We encourage you to not feel overwhelmed by the transition from First year to Second year and understand that this year may be stressful. By seeking support from the Career Development Centre you guarantee that this process will be more fluid; as the service will ensure that you are prepared for every aspect of this journey from applying to obtaining a placement. Here, you will be guided as to what is expected from your CV/ interviews and leave with the confidence that you will secure a placement role.

    Resources you'll need

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  • Placement

    Welcome back and congratulations on securing a placement year programme.

    This year you will be in employment rather than attending the university. However, just because you are not physically in the university does not mean we don’t support you throughout this year. The Career Development Centre are still here to guide and advise you during your year out; ensuring that you gain the most from your job. We want to emphasise how you are not alone and if any queries do arise that you speak to one of the Career Development Consultants. Listed below are useful resources to help you focus and structure your year away. Finally, good luck and we will see you back for final year.


    • Placement Portfolio
    • Working Abroad(Go Global)
    • Build your Network
    • Get References
    • Placement Log
    • Linkedln

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  • Final Year

    Welcome back and well done for reaching final year of your degree programme.

    You’re now coming to the end of your university journey with Ulster University and we’ve loved having you. No doubt you feel overwhelmed which is completely normal, however, no matter what challenges this year may bring; you will come out the other side. The Career Development Centre are here to ensure that you keep organised and focused when challenges occur. The team will help you through the graduate application process and help fine tune your CV and interview skills. Lastly, enjoy your last year within the university before you progress onto bigger and better things. Put everything into your work and be assured that the university is proud of your achievements so far.


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