FAQs and answers.

  1. How do I change a module?
    The University's regulations allow you to add or drop optional modules provided that you notify the Registry Office on a Module Amendment Form signed by your Course Director or Studies Adviser within the first two weeks of the semester in which the module is taught.
  2. How do I change my course?
    Any proposed change of course should be discussed with your Studies Adviser and also with the Course Director of the course to which you intend to apply. All applications for a change of course or modules of study must be made on a Student Transfer or Module Amendment Form obtainable by clicking the highlighted text or from your Faculty/Campus Administrative Office.
  3. I have lost my ID Card. How can I get a replacement card?
    If you have lost your ID card, you should contact your campus Registry/General Office to obtain a replacement.  A charge of £10.00 is made for this service.
  4. I wish to withdraw (de-register) from the University. How do I go about doing so?
    Deregistration from a course of study is not a step that should be taken lightly. Students should discuss their intention to deregister from their course with their Course/Subject Director or Subject Advisor who will be able to provide advice and guidance on a suitable way forward exploring any possibilities that may exist for continuation of studies e.g. transferring to another course of study or deferring studies until the next academic year.

    The Student Support Department has a Counselling Service and students may wish to avail of this service in addition to speaking to an Academic member of staff.

    There is a two stage process to deregister:

    Firstly, students must indicate their ‘intention to withdraw’ (deregister) from their programme of study via Student Self Service (Student Portal > Banner icon on tool bar > Student Records, Fees and Fin aid > Registration > Deregistration Process).

    Secondly, students must complete a Course Withdrawal Form in consultation with the Course/Subject Director or Subject Advisor.

    View the University's Deregistration Policy
  5. I have changed my address/phone number, who should I inform?
    If you have changed your address or phone number, you should inform your Campus Registry/General Office as soon as possible. This may be done either in writing, by phone or by calling to the office in person. We will update the central database and this will ensure that any correspondence which we send you will go to the correct address. It is also a good idea to advise your Course Director, Faculty Office and the Library of any changes, as they may keep other records which do not update from the database.
  6. I have recently changed my name, how do I update my record?
    If you change your name you should inform your campus Registry/General Office. You will be required to complete a Change of Name Form and have it signed by a witness. We will then change your records and issue you with a replacement ID card in your new name if you wish. (There is no charge for the issue of the new card). You should also advise your Course Director, Faculty Office and the Library of any such changes.
  7. I need a letter to confirm my student status, how can I get this?
    If you require a letter confirming your status as a registered student of the University of Ulster, or confirming that you have taken leave of absence or withdrawn from your course, you can print this from the Student Portal, select Banner, Student Records, Fees and Financial Aid, Registration, Confirmation of Attendance Letter. This form must be stamped by the relevant campus Registry Office/Student Service Centre.  You must give at least 24 hours notice that you require the letter to be stamped. When ready, it may be collected from the office.  Any requests for letters confirming details of awards obtained at the university should be directed to the Examinations Office at the relevant campus.
  8. I need to take leave from my course for a period of time, how do I do this?
    Leave of absence needs to be approved by your faculty and you should make arrangements to see your Studies Adviser or Course Director.
  9. I am ready to return from leave of absence, how do I do this?
    If you have been on leave of absence and are now planning to return to the university to re-commence study, you should contact your Course Director and Faculty Office to confirm this. They will advise you of the arrangements for re-enrolling and supply any relevant information about induction, course timetables etc.