Publication of Marks and Decisions

Academic Year 2018/19

Marks will be released to students in the portal by the dates set out in the table below:

Assessment PeriodDeadline
Semester 1 
Provisional marks available (subject to confirmation by Boards of Examiners) 14 February 2019
Semester 2 
Confirmed marks available 26 June 2019
Supplementary Examinations (August Resits) 
Confirmed marks available 10 September 2019
Summer Teaching (Semester 3) 
Confirmed marks available 1 October 2019
  1. With the exception of Semester 1, marks will only be published where results have been approved by Boards of Examiners. Marks for Semester 1 will be published as subject to approval by Boards of Examiners later in the year, normally in May/June.
  2. Marks for modules considered by Boards of Examiners after 1 October will normally be published within two working days of the meeting of the Board.
  3. For some placement/intercalary year modules marks do not become available until the following academic year.
  4. Marks are withheld where confirmation of results is awaited from the external examiner.
  5. Any queries about your results should be addressed to your Studies Adviser or Course/Subject Director.

Note: Special arrangements apply for students enrolled at Birmingham or London. Marks for these students are published subject to confirmation by Boards of Examiners and marks may, therefore, be raised or lowered as a result of consideration by Boards.