Examinations Timetables

Information on examinations timetables.


Appeals guidance and forms.

Examinations Regulations

Examinations regulations and guidelines.

Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances guidance and forms.

Past Examination Papers

How to access past examination papers.

Examinations Policies and Procedures

Important policies and procedures.

Publication of Marks and Decisions

Key dates for the publication of marks and decisions.

My Examination and Assessment Marks

How to access your examination and assessment marks.

Refund of Examination Fees

How to request a refund of fees paid to the Examinations Office.

Reasonable Adjustments for Examinations

Information on reasonable adjustments for examinations.


Guidance notes and form for requesting a transcript.


Useful examination forms.


Higher Education Achievement Report.

Examinations Office Contacts

How to contact the Examinations Office.