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Peter Moor: Contact tracing explained

What is contact tracing and how does it work work?

  03 Nov 2020 y   1 min read

Tags:   Covid-19   Journalism

  Student Life 

Your vote: Best curry takeaways

We asked our students to tell us their favourite places to get a curry takeaway - here's what they said.

  30 Oct 2020 y   0 min read

Tags:   Food   Takeaways

  Student Life 

UU Love Me - UU Love Me Not

We asked our students to send us in the best (and worst) chat-up lines and they didn’t disappoint.

  09 Feb 2021 y   0 min read


  Student Life 

Recipe: Guinness and Chocolate Cake

Emma-Jayne, a Culinary Arts student at Ulster University, has shared her favourite cake recipe, how does Guinness and chocolate sound to you! 

  02 Nov 2020 y   0 min read

Tags:   Food and Drink   Recipe

  Student Life 

American Football: So What’s the Catch?

If you are looking for a sport, for a community, for some improvement, or for a reason to walk further than your mailbox, the American flag football team might be worth a try.

  09 Nov 2020 n   2 min read

Tags:   Sport   Coleraine   Society

  Student Life 

Working from home: How cluttered is your workspace today?

Here are 9 science-backed hacks on how to organise your office desk to boost productivity!

  06 Jan 2021 y   0 min read

Tags:   Working from home

  Student Life