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Stefanie McCluskey: Working from home

Try these top tips to work from home successfully.

  05 Nov 2020 y   1 min read

Tags:   Motivation   Self-care   Stress

   Studying at UU   Student Wellbeing

Dr Ava Brown: 5 tips to help with motivation

Dr Ava Brown shares her top 5 tips that are a sure way to help you stay motivated.

  09 Nov 2020 y   2 min read

Tags:   Motivation   Stress   Self-care

  Student Wellbeing    Studying at UU

Digital Learning: What does it look like at Ulster University?

Dr Victoria McCollum is a Lecturer in Cinematic Arts at Ulster University, Magee and has made digital learning a joy for her students.

  03 Nov 2020 y   1 min read

Tags:   Cinematic Arts   Magee   Digital Learning

   Studying at UU

University stress: 5 tips to help you manage your work more efficiently

Our students share their best advice on how to manage your university workload.

  09 Nov 2020 y   1 min read

Tags:   Stress   Motivation   Exams   Self-care

   Studying at UU   Student Wellbeing