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Rory Skillen: Covid-19, It’s made me a better student

With everything that’s been said, I still want to make it clear that like everyone else, I can’t wait for Covid:19 to disappear and for normality to return. What I am thankful for is that it presented me with an opportunity to make sure I’m going into that future as prepared as I can be

  25 Nov 2020   4 min read


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Kayla Collins: What life is like as a student during Covid-19

This year will definitely be a struggle for the vast majority of us, but if we try and get ourselves into a routine and the right head space, I have no doubt we will all do as well as we hope.

  25 Nov 2020   3 min read


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Catherine Maguire: Life lessons learnt from living in Lockdown

This has put everything into perspective, shown us what is important, what’s not, how we should appreciate the little things in life and hold our loved ones a little closer. I think we will all lead a very different life after this, and maybe, that isn’t a bad thing.

  25 Nov 2020   6 min read


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