Health and Safety

Information on the policy prioritising the safeguard of health and safety to all in the university.

Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978

The University’s policy is to give the highest priority to safeguarding the health and safety of employees, students and any member of the public who may be affected by its operations. To this end a Health and Safety Policy has been implemented.

General Policy Statement

It is the University’s policy to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees and students in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements.

General duties of students

It is your responsibility while involved in University activities either on or off campus:

  • to take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and of other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions;
  • to follow the Health & Safety Policy and comply with any health and safety instruction given to you
  • to co-operate and comply with health and safety policy and procedures in operation within the University, so far as is necessary, to enable any duty or requirement imposed upon the University by relevant statutory provisions to be performed or complied with;
  • to not, without the consent of the member of staff in charge of the areas or activity, introduce any equipment for use on University premises, alter any fixed installations, alter or remove health and safety notices or equipment, or otherwise take any action which may create hazards for employees of the University or for persons using the premises; and
  • not to intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions.


A general ban on smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is in place throughout the University’s premises and any infringement of this ban may be regarded as a breach of discipline.

University Safety Committees

Each Faculty has a Health and Safety Committee which meets at least twice a year.

These Faculty Health and Safety Committees can consider recommendations or complaints from you and recommend appropriate action.

If you wish to raise a health and safety issue at a committee please contact the Faculty Office.

Fire Safety Procedures

In the event of a fire in the University the information contained on the general Fire Action Notices dictate:

  • The action to take on discovering a fire
  • The action to take on hearing the alarm

All staff, students and visitors are required to follow the directions on these notices which are posted throughout the University.
It is essential that you are aware of these instructions BEFORE a fire occurs and follow the instructions without hesitation in an emergency.

Fire spreads quickly!

ON DISCOVERING FIRE (no matter how small)

  1. Sound the alarm by breaking the nearest Fire Alarm Break-Glass Point
  2. Warn people in the immediate vicinity
  3. Leave the building using the nearest available route by following the Emergency Exit Signs
  4. Go directly to the Assembly Point
  1. Leave the building using the nearest available route by following the Emergency Exit Signs
  2. Go directly to the Assembly Point
  3. Do not re-enter the building until you are told by a uniformed member of Security Staff or the Emergency Services that it is safe to do so

Fire Safety Drills

Fire Drills are used to test our procedures and ensure that they will work effectively and efficiently in a real emergency.

It is a legal requirement that we carry out fire drills.

It is imperative that everyone responds to the Fire Alarm and follows procedures without any hesitation.

Full co-operation in all Fire Drills is mandatory for all.

Misuse of the fire fighting equipment or alarm installations is a criminal offence and could endanger the lives of students and staff. Misuse will result in disciplinary action.