Policies and procedures for students.

View the University wide Policies and Procedures maintained by the The Office of the University Secretary.

In this section

Academic Policies

Information on policies, protocols and codes of practice.

Bullying and Harassment

How we work to create a good and harmonious working environment.

Community Relations

Complaints, campaigns and procedures.

Copyright and Intellectual Property rights

Information on photocopying and works in electronic form.

Criminal Offences

Information you need to know if you are convicted of a criminal offence after applying and before enrolling, or whilst enrolled as a student of the University.

Data Protection

Find out more about how we protect and distribute your information.


Outlines penalties and disciplinary action.

Dress code

Information on how to dress at Ulster.

Fitness for Professional Practice

Explains the assessment for those who work or come into contact with vulnerable or potentially vulnerable individuals.

Health and Safety

Information on the policy prioritising the safeguard of health and safety to all in the university.

Leave of absence and withdrawal from a course

Deregistration is the term given to a break in study either via Leave of Absence or the Complete Withdrawal from a programme of study.

Protection of children and vulnerable adults

We have a particular responsibility to safeguard the welfare of any child and vulnerable adult.

Reporting accidents

Outlines who to contact in the case of an accident.

Social media guidelines

Find out more about permission and misuse surrounding social media.

Student complaints procedure

What steps to take when making a student complaint.

Student ID Cards

Why you need a student card.

Use of computers

The University’s Acceptable Use Code of Practice (AUCOP) gives guidance and direction on what is and what is not acceptable.