This is a discretionary fund that can provide financial assistance for registered ROI, EU & International students who have exhausted all other options of financial support and are facing difficulties meeting daily living expenses, due to the cost of attending University.

How to apply for the fund

1. Documentary Evidence

First year UG & PG students cannot apply for financial hardship support until semester two of their course.

2. Create a Personal Statement

All students are required to complete a personal statement including information on the following (max 300 words):

3. Send your application

It is imperative that you submit the correct evidence to support your application.

Attach ALL documentary evidence to an email (as attachments) and email to

Criteria for application

The fund is not for

If you receive an award

For further guidance and support with managing your money, visit our Budgeting and Money Management pages.

In this section


Evidence is required in support of your application for financial support.