Direct Debit

How to pay your tuition fees by direct debit.

This payment option is available if your balance is £100 or more.

The Direct Debit may be set up at registration during online enrolment.


Tuition fees payable by Direct Debit are collected in 5 equal instalments on the first day of each month from December to April.

Should the first day of the month fall on a weekend or a bank holiday, the Direct Debit will be collected on the next available working day.

Eligible bank account

You must have an eligible UK bank or building society account operating the DD scheme in order to set up a DD plan.

Saving accounts are not permitted under the DD scheme.

Signing up to Direct Debit

You will be able to sign up to the DD plan online as part of online enrolment.

To sign up online you must be the account holder and the only person required to authorise debits from the account.

If not, a Direct Debit Form should be completed by the account holder and sent to the Tuition Fees Office in advance of registration.

The cut-off date for setting up an online DD and for the receipt of a completed DD form is the 14 October 2021 (2021/22 academic year).

DD forms received after this date will not be processed.

New students who would have preferred to pay their fees by DD but set up a RCP plan at registration, as they did not have an eligible UK bank account, may still do so by contacting the Tuition Fees Office with a completed DD mandate no later than 14 October 2021.


You will initially receive a 'Confirmation of the Set-Up of your Direct Debit' letter shortly after your direct debit has been set up.

You will receive another letter in November 2021 (2021/22 academic year), the 'Notification of Collection of Direct Debit Payments' letter, detailing the amounts of your DD plan and the dates when each instalment will be collected.

If you do not receive this letter by 23 November 2021 (2021/22 academic year), please contact the Tuition Fees Office.

Unpaid Direct Debits

If your direct debit comes back as unpaid, an administrative charge of £45 will be applied to your tuition fee account and your direct debit will be cancelled.

Additional Information

Self-funding Overseas Students

A minimum deposit of £2,000 is required by those first commencing their programme in semester 1 and whose year of admission on to the programme is 2021/22.  After the required deposit has been paid, the direct debit instalment plan may be set up for the balance at registration.

Self-funding Overseas Distance Learning Students

A 20% non-refundable deposit must be paid and the direct debit instalment plan set up for the balance at registration.

(New students only with an intake year of 2021/22 who withdraw within 14 calendar days of completing registration, will have tuition fees paid for that academic year refunded.)