Scholarships & Prizes

Scholarships can support your studies at Ulster University.


Scholarships can support your studies at Ulster University.

Some are for students who get high grades and others are for students in financial need.

Faculty Prizes

The following Faculty prizes are open to students of those Faculties.

Course/Subject handbooks contain information on prizes and awards associated with programmes.

The Faculty list of prizes and awards is updated in May of each year prior to the Board of Examiners meetings in June.

The current lists are available here:

After the Boards of Examiners meetings in June, the Academic Office is informed of the recipient of each prize.

The Academic Office produces a certificate which is forwarded to the prizewinner along with the prize.

University Prizes and Awards

Information on University prizes and awards is forwarded to all Faculties, libraries, Employability and Careers and the Students' Union in October each year.

Information is also provided through campus reception screens, an annual global email to students and a dedicated link in the student portal.

The following University prizes and awards are open to all students of the University: