Financial Support for ROI, EU & International Students

Financial support for ROI/EU and international students.

This is a discretionary fund that can provide financial assistance for registered ROI, EU & International students who have exhausted all other options of financial support.

Before applying, please ensure that you have registered for the current 2021/22 academic year, and have received your Student Funding confirmation letter for 21/22 (where applicable).

How to apply for the fund

1. Documentary Evidence

Visit our Documentary Evidence page for everything that is required to support your application. You must also clearly show that you started your course with sufficient funds to pay your tuition fees and daily living costs for the duration of your study.

2. Create a Personal Statement

Complete a personal statement (max 500 words) detailing:

  • funding in place to cover your tuition fees and daily living costs whilst studying
  • the circumstances surrounding your financial situation
  • what steps you have taken to try to rectify the situation
  • how any financial support you may receive would be used
  • bank account number and sort code that any award granted can be paid into.

3. Send your application

It is imperative that you submit the correct evidence to support your application.

Attach ALL documentary evidence to an email (as attachments) and email to

Criteria for application

  • We can only accept one application per academic year
  • You must be a registered ROI, EU or International Ulster University student studying in Northern Ireland.
  • You must be in good academic standing (as confirmed by your course director).
  • You must show (with supporting evidence) that you have made arrangements for payment of tuition fees and daily living costs for the duration of your course.
  • Provide evidence that you have exhausted all other sources of income, for example, interest free student overdraft, student loans, grants, bursaries, assistance from family, savings and part-time earnings.

The fund is not for

  • The fund is not for meeting the cost of tuition fees.
  • The fund cannot be used as a means of maintaining a student's lifestyle.
  • The Fund is not for those showing evidence of gambling/betting.
  • The fund is not for those showing evidence of excessive spending.

If you receive an award

If you receive an award:

  • This will be a one-off payment
  • It is your responsibility to put measures in place to avoid the same situation occurring again

For further guidance and support with managing your money, visit our Mind Your Money pages.