Cheating and Plagiarism

Policies and procedures surrounding cheating and plagiarism.

Your exams are an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, talent and hard work. It is an offence for a candidate to infringe, or attempt to infringe, the regulations governing the conduct of examinations or to engage, or attempt to engage, in conduct for the purpose of gaining for himself or herself, or for another candidate, an unfair advantage with a view to obtaining a better result than he or she would otherwise achieve.

Examples are:

  1. copying from the examination script or other work undertaken for assessment by another candidate;
  2. personation of others;
  3. fabrication of results;
  4. plagiarism, that is, the act of taking or copying someone else’s work, including another student’s, and presenting it as if it were one’s own, or where a student’s own work is re-presented without being properly referenced (see below ‘Plagiarism Policy and Procedures’ for complete definition and other information);
  5. collusion;
  6. contract cheating: engaging third parties to undertake assignments; and
  7. having inadmissible material within your reach during an examination, eg, mobile phone, other electronic device, notes

Reports of alleged offences are considered under procedures approved by the Council in consultation with the Senate in accordance with the Ordinance on Student Discipline.

You should note that there are severe penalties for such offences. The following action is typical of the penalties imposed upon a student who is found guilty of a first offence:

  1. a reprimand;
  2. a warning;
  3. a fine – currently up to a maximum of £250
  4. no credit for the coursework or examination concerned;
  5. postponement for a year of the repeat of the coursework or examination (where a repeat has been granted) and withholding of permission to gain further credit towards a qualification in the interim.

The Academic Office hosts a range of policies, protocols and codes of practice endorsed by the Learning and Teaching Committee (formerly Teaching and Learning Committee), or the former Academic Policy Committee and its sub-committees, and approved by Senate, including the Plagiarism Policy and Procedures.

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