Understanding Mental Health with Action Mental Health

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January can be a tough month and there is no denying we are living through challenging times, most of us have become accustomed to facing uncertainty, disappointment and heightened levels of stress.

Prioritizing our mental health is something we know we should be doing (especially during these times) but how?

Action Mental Health are a leading charity in Northern Ireland stemming back to 1963, they are multi-faceted and offer a myriad services to a whole range of people across N.I, including youth adult in higher education. Hugh Roarty is a Project Worker at AMH and shall be providing a live session on Zoom which all students are welcome to attend, topics of discussion include:

  • How to challenge stigma and misconceptions
  • Pressure vs Stress and how to cope
  • Five steps to Well-being
  • Self-care Template
  • Sources of support, through Ulster University and externally

To receive your  Zoom link, please email s.grehan@ulster.ac.uk

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