Change your legal or preferred name

Ulster University's change of name policy is designed to guide students who wish to change their name once they are a registered student.

You must read the guidance on this page before you submit a Change of Name request.

Registering as a student with Ulster University

Students must register with their full legal name and an identification check is required by the University before registration.

Students must provide one of these documents as evidence:

Change of Name once you are a registered student

Registered students can submit an online request for a change of:

  1. legal change of name
  2. preferred change of name

You should note that:

Request a change of name

You can obtain a form in paper format from your campus Registry Office.

Number of changes allowed

A student can request a maximum of:

There must be a gap of five years between each change of surname. Find out more about changing your name on the nidirect government services webpage.

What we mean by legal and preferred Change of Name

What to do next

Once you have changed your name, there are some steps you may need to take: