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Vanessa Devine

Scientific Assistant - C-TRIC

School of Biomedical Sciences
Research Institute
Biomedical Sciences Research Institute
Magee campus
+44 28 7167 5660
BT48 7JL

Vanessa received her Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Biomedical Science with a Diploma in Industrial Sciences in 2010 from Ulster University.

She then completed a Master of Research at the University of Southampton in 2011 through projects focused on infection, immunity and inflammation of the airways.

Vanessa remained at the University of Southampton until the end of 2015 where she gained her PhD in Biomedical Sciences and a one-year contract as a Senior Research Assistant in the Infectious Disease Epidemiology group.

Her PhD used molecular microbiology techniques, next generation sequencing methods and bioinformatics for the purpose of monitoring microbial epidemiology and genomics in carriage. Vanessa also provided bioinformatics support and lab-based sequencing support to the group.

She joined the Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine group in early 2016 where she is employed as a Research Associate in Bioinformatics.

Research Interests

Vanessa has a range of research interests and they involve using next generation sequencing methods (whole genome, gene arrays, microbiomes), meta-data and bioinformatics to improve personalised medicine.

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