Dr Tom Douglass

Research Associate (Qualitative/Ethnographic)


Room 15J17B Shore Road Newtownabbey Co. Antrim BT37 0QB



Dr Tom Douglass is a medical sociologist. He currently works as a Research Associate on the NIHR-funded Real Complaints project working within the qualitative arm. He holds degrees in Sociology and Social Policy (BA Hons), winning the prize for highest graduating average, and Social Research Methods (MA) both from Russell Group institutions.

Subsequently he achieved a PhD in Sociology (concentrated within Medical Sociology). His past research has been concerned with the exploration of the pharmaceuticalisation of society. He has also published on the dynamics of pharmaceutical regulation and trust within healthcare settings.

Additionally, he possesses a wide range of teaching experience - having taught at several different universities on modules that include introductory sociology and social policy, social theory, methods and the sociology of health and illness.


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