Dr Srinivasu Puttaswamy

Research Fellow - Microfluidic Engineer


School of Engineering


Engineering Research


Belfast BT15 1ED


Dr. Srinvasu Puttaswamy is a Research fellow within the Connected Health Innovation Centre.

His current research focus is on fabrication, characterization and integration of smart maltose microneedles for pain-free, small volume blood sampling to enable the development of user-friendly diagnostic platforms.

The technology integrates into a compact, self-contained device in the form of porous microneedle, with a microfluidic system, which doesn’t require stored vacuum. The use of the device requires minimal training, as blood collection is mainly due to capillary flow.

The projects Srinivasu has been involved with, have focused on the development of novel biomedical microdevices. fabricated flexible, nano electrodes for cortical and peripheral nerve stimulation/recording, to penetrate nerve fascicles with minimum damage during stimulation. Developed versatile microfluidic platform for single/doublet/triplet/multi cell trapping for various biomedical applications. hydrogel based transparent optical window (for long term microcirculation observation of brain), suitable for application such as photo acoustic imaging, two photon imaging and stroke monitoring. UV curable hydrogel was being tailored to hold electrode in place serving as a bio glue during in vivo chronic muscle/nerve stimulation experiments.


  • Bio-Micro/Nano Fabrication
  • Bio-Micro/Nanofluidics
  • Single Cell Technology
  • Cell Chips/Lab on a Chip/Organ on a Chip
  • Neuroscience
  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics