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Dr Rachel Monaghan

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Profile image of Dr Rachel Monaghan


Institute for Research in Social Sciences


Room 03A14 Shore Road Newtownabbey Co. Antrim BT37 0QB



Dr Rachel Monaghan is a Senior Lecturer in criminology. She finished her PhD in 1998, joining Ulster University as a research officer on an ESRC project examining informal justice in Northern Ireland and South Africa. Her first lectureship (2002-2005) was in human geography in the School of Environmental Sciences at Ulster before moving to Criminology in 2005.

Dr Monaghan has been researching political violence for over 20 years and has examined single-issue terrorism, informal justice and loyalist paramilitary violence. More recently she has been looking at counter-terrorism measures involving technology and also criminal justice approaches.

Her research findings have been published in key international journals including Terrorism and Political Violence and Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. She has co-authored two books, a monograph with Colin Knox published by Palgrave Macmillan (Informal Justice in Divided Societies) and an edited collection with Tali K. Walters and Martin Ramirez published by Cambridge Scholars (Radicalization, Terrorism, and Conflict).

Dr Monaghan has secured £492,000 in external funding through awards from the ESRC and European Union FP7 programme with Ulster colleagues and £34,000 from internal funding through awards from the Research Challenge Fund and CHERP.

She is the current president of the Society for Terrorism Research –an international, multi-disciplinary organization of theoretical and empirical researchers in behavioural sciences such as anthropology, biology, economics, political science, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and others. Its mission is to enhance knowledge and understanding of terrorism and political violence.

Dr Monaghan is also Joint Editor-in-Chief of the Society for Terrorism Research’s Journal, Behavioral Sciences in Terrorism and Political Aggression  and is a member of the editorial board of Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

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