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Professor Patrick Rorsman

Professor of Cellular and Experimental Diabetes

Profile image of Professor Patrick Rorsman


School of Biomedical Sciences


Cromore Road Coleraine Co. Londonderry BT52 1SA


Professor Patrik Rorsman, FRS is an outstanding internationally recognised scientist working in the field of insulin secretion and islet cell function.

He was appointed Professor of Cellular and Experimental Diabetes at Ulster in 2020 and interfaces strongly with other members of the team including Dr Andrei Tarasov.

Back in 1980s, Professor Rorsman pioneered high-sensitivity patch-clamp electrophysiological approach to study the electrical excitability, ion channel function and real-time dynamics of hormone vesicle exocytosis in all major types of pancreatic islet cells.

In his further work conducted in Oxford and his native Sweden, where he also holds appointments, Professor Rorsman has elucidated the glucose-sensing mechanisms of three major types of pancreatic endocrine cells (secreting insulin, glucagon and somatostatin) and undertaken impactful steps towards clarifying the nature of the hormone secretion defects in human diabetic islets, of which (paradoxically) hardly anything is known.

His work promises transformational change in understanding and treatment of diabetes – a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Professor Rorsman has published 298 scientific articles in the highest impact journals and his research has been cited 25,000 times.

For his contributions to experimental diabetes research, Professor Rorsman has been recognized by award of many landmark prizes, including election as FMedSci and FRS.