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Dr Panagiota Pimenidou Lecturer in Hydrogen Safety

School of the Built Environment
Research Institute
Built Environment
Jordanstown campus
Room 26B16
Shore Road
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB
+44 (0)28 903 68247
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Dr Panagiota Pimenidou plays a key role as a Lecturer on interdisciplinary courses for under-graduate and post-graduate students, within the CST (Centre for Sustainable Technologies), School of the Built Environment.

Panagiota was born in Kozani, Greece and received an MEng in Chemical Engineering (University of Leeds). Before her final year, she had an internship in the chemistry lab of the lignite center Ptolamaidas Amyntaiou, the largest one in electricity generation from lignite in Greece (DEI, Public Electricity Company). Her final year dissertation was on the experimental thermodynamic study of the alkali-decomposition (induced by alkyl- pyridines) of hydrogen peroxide (supervised by Dr Maria Papadaki), which received a 1st class. She worked in the food industry as process and quality assurance manager and as a specialist analyst for industrial wastewater treatment plant (Hellenic Sugar Industry).

She further worked as a research associate in the department of Antipollution Technologies (Technological Educational Institute of Kozani, Greece), where she delivered also teaching in the modules "Wastewater treatment and disposal" and "Chemical Technologies" in the department of Antipollution Technologies and Mechanical Engineering respectively. At that time, she participated in the Greek government and EU- funded project Archimedes I and II (2004- 2007)- ANADYMA in the thematic area of "Recovery of precious material and energy by harnessing decommissioned enrichment facility of Western Macedonia, Greece".

In 2007, she received an EPSRC PhD studentship by the Energy Resources Research Institute (ERRI) at the University of Leeds, on the topic of "Novel process of hydrogen production from liquids of biomass origin", supervised by Dr Valerie Dupont. The outcomes of this work proved the viability and high efficiency non- combustion process for hydrogen production from waste biomass fuels and laid the ground to the development and testing of calcium oxide based adsorbents for CO2capture. Also, the kinetic study of waste biomass origin biofuels could be used to successfully map the utilisation of such fuels in existing and potential renewable energy technologies. She was appointed Lecturer at the University of Ulster in 2010.

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