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Dr Murtaza Tambuwala

Lecturer in Pharmacy

School of Pharm. & Pharmaceut. Sc.
Research Institute
Biomedical Sciences Research Institute
Coleraine campus
+44 28 7012 4016
Room Y143
Cromore Road
Co. Londonderry
BT52 1SA

Dr. Murtaza Tambuwala is a pharmacist with a MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology from the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Trinity College, Ireland.

He earned a PhD in Translational Therapeutics at the School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, University College Dublin, Ireland in 2011 and has over six years of industrial formulation and drug delivery experience gained working with Sigmoid Pharma Ltd., Ireland.

His main area of research is development of therapeutics for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and bowel cancer.

Research interests

Dr. Tambuwala has work recognised in the area of inflammatory bowel diseases and bowel cancer. The following are current areas of interest that he is pursuing.

1. Identification of a therapeutic target:

Dr Tambuwala has shown for the first time that genetic loss of prolyl hydroxylase-1 is protective in colitis. Currently, he is working on understanding the Nuclear Factor kappa Beta (NFkb) pathway in inflammation and cancer.

2. New compound screening in in-vivo models of disease:

Dr. Tambuwala was involved with the testing of novel prolyl hydroxylases inhibitors in in-vivo models of inflammatory bowel disease for J&J Inc. Currently he is working on solubility enhancement strategies for natural NFkB inhibitors such as curcumin to increase its bioavailability. The solubilised product will be tested in in-vitro / in-vivo models of inflammatory bowel disease and bowel cancer to confirm its therapeutic efficacy.

3. Targeted drug delivery:

Dr. Tambuwala has carried out extensive work in the development of a colon targeted drug delivery system using Sigmoid Pharma’s patented SmPill technology. His current research is focused on development of drug delivery system using biodegradable particles that selectively and avidly adhere to inflamed endothelium in the gastrointestinal tract.


Inter Trade Ireland – Cross border partnership development incentive.

Funding agency: Irish Research Council

Enterprise Partnership Sponsor: Sigmoid Pharma Ltd.

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