Dr Jacopo Romoli

Senior Lecturer

School of Communication and Media
Research Institute
Institute for Research in Social Sciences
Jordanstown campus
+44 28 9036 6861
Room 17E10
Shore Road
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB

Dr Jacopo Romoli is a Lecturer in linguistics in the School of Communication at Ulster University and Associate Investigator of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders, Australia. He received his PhD in Linguistics in 2012 from Harvard University, United States, and joined Ulster University in 2013 after a postdoctoral fellowship at Macquarie University, Australia.

Dr Romoli’s research interests are on formal semantics and pragmatics for natural languages, language processing and language acquisition. More specifically, his current research focuses on Presuppositions, Scalar Implicatures, Free choice inferences, Neg-raising phenomena, Assertability constraints, alternatives, the interaction between number-marking and the mass-count distinction, and scope ambiguities.

Dr Romoli’s research findings have been published in top international journals such as Semantics and Pragmatics, Journal of Semantics, Natural Language Semantics and Linguistics and Philosophy. He has also contributed to more than five edited volumes and more than thirty peer-reviewed conference proceedings and has also been invited to present his work in conferences and colloquia series more than fifteen times in the past three years.

He has secured more than £190,000 in funding from the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, and the Big Lottery Fund. He has also been research fellow for the Summer Research Institute on the investigation of meaning funded by the Wissenshaftskolleg in Berlin and the National Humanities Center in North Carolina.

Dr Romoli is also editorial member of Semantics and Pragmatics and a regular reviewers for the NSF, several journals and conferences and Oxford University Press, Palgrave and Blackwell. Outside academia, he is co-director of the International Science Festival in Rome and consultant for the publishing house Codice Edizioni.

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