Dr Farid Arya

Research Associate in Advanced Glazing

Belfast School of Architecture & the Be
Research Institute
Built Environment Research Institute
Jordanstown campus
+44 28 9036 8311
Room 26B20
Shore Road
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB

Farid Arya is a Research Associate in Advanced Glazing and Solar Thermal Applications in the Built Environment Research Institute. For three years he has been working on a research project funded by EPSRC focusing on the developemnt of an evacuated flat plate solar collector.

He completed his PhD in the field of vacuum glazing working in the Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) at Ulster University. His work focused on the practical development and evaluation of an advanced low heat loss glazing system.

He did his postgraduate and undergraduate in the field of Solid State Physics. His masters project looked at the effect of annealing on crystal structure and lattice constants particularly in magnetic materials. From 2002 till 2010 he was working with different research groups on different subjects including Carbon-NanotubesMagnetic Materials and Superconductors.

He is well-experienced in setting up experiments and doing simulation and computer modelling using Matlab and ABAQUS.

He has been undertaking consultancy projects for local industry providing expertise on the evaluation and development of insulating products and systems. He has been undertaking teaching duties on a number of undergraduate courses at Ulster University. He is hoping to continue his research on vacuum technology within his current research group.

Current research

Dr Farid Arya, Built Environment Research Institute, talks about his research into the usage and wastage of energy within industries, including how to store and reuse “wasted energy”.

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