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Professor Brian Taylor

Professor of Social Work

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Institute for Research in Social Sciences



Room 21D11 Londonderry BT48 7JL



Brian Taylor is Professor of Social Work. Professionally qualified in social work and teaching, he spent 10 years as a practitioner and manager, and then 15 years in training and organisation development in health and social care. His first degree was in physics (with philosophy) at Bristol University and his PhD in the Department of Epidemiology, Queen’s University Belfast.

Brian’s research and teaching interests are in professional judgement, decision making, assessment tools and processes, risk (assessment, communication and management) and use of knowledge to inform practice. He is principal organiser of the biennial international symposium: Decisions, Assessment, Risk and Evidence in Social Work ( and of the annual seminar series: Decision, Assessment, Risk and Evidence Studies. Brian has supervised various research projects on these topics, and his publications include the books:  Decision Making, Assessment and Risk in Social Work; Working with Aggression and Resistance in Social Work; and Understanding and Using Research in Social Work. He is willing to consider PhD and postdoctoral students on aspects of the above topics, including multi-disciplinary projects with such as psychology, law, communication studies, computer studies and health care.

Brian Taylor is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (UK); honorary Associate Scientist of the Harding Centre for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin; honorary Senior Fellow of the School for Social Care Research at the National Institute for Health Research, London; and Honorary Lead Affiliate: Ireland: Risk Literacy: Science for Informed Decision-Making Project, University of Oklahoma. He was a founder member of the Board of the European Social Work Research Association.