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At Ulster we have access to world class sports facilities and expertise.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality services that take standards of performance to new levels.

Our environmental chamber is proving to be a very effective training tool for all athletes that engage in competitive sport.

The facility and expertise used to train world class athletes is now being made available to staff and students in the form of the ultimate spin class.

This state of the art facility will be used to turn up the heat and lower oxygen levels to provide a challenging spin session

The Sessions

The Ultimate Spin sessions will take the form of a course.

Participants will purchase a package of 10 sessions.

All individuals will start the course spinning at 1500m and 25 degrees Celsius.

These levels will be gradually increased over the weeks to challenge fitness levels, whilst ensuring that participants stay within safe zones.

The safe zones are defined as:

  • a heart rate below 95% of the age predicted maximum heart rate
  • a blood oxygen saturation of above 85%
  • a body temperature of less than 40 degrees celsius


The increased heat (up to 40 degrees Celsius) and high altitude settings (up to 6000m) provide an additional physiological stress to the physical training.

The training has the effect of being intense without having the negative side effects associated with running based training, such as muscle soreness.

This can result in improved fitness, with faster recovery and fewer injuries.

Costs and Dates

A block of ten sessions for the Ultimate Spin course will cost staff, students and others £70.

The ten sessions will run at 5.10 pm on the following dates:


13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd, 27th, 29th


3rd, 5th, 10th and 12th

Places will be limited to a maximum of ten persons.

Consent Form

All participants must bring the completed health form to the first session.

The consent form will be completed prior to the first session, after participants have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the service.

Download consent form

If you would like further information on this service please contact: