Digital Resources

As an Ulster University student you have access to a range of digital resources that will help you enhance your employability and improve your competitiveness when applying for jobs and placements.

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Future Skills Week Podcast Series

The Current Job Market: What you need to know

A bit overwhelmed at the thought of taking your first step into the graduate job market? We understand completely.  To help you take your first step with confidence, in this episode we are joined by Sam McIlveen, the General Recruitment Manager at  Tune in to get a deeper insight into the current job market!

Succeeding as a new graduate in a global pandemic

Hear from recent Ulster University graduates Cara Jackson & Jamie Gordon! Get top tips on how to secure work experience opportunities and a graduate job!

Career Confidence

Struggling with your career confidence? Hosted by Employability Consultant Cathy Moore, tune in as she is joined by Ciara Boyes - a Change Management Consultant & Further Education Lecturer. Hear about her journey to finding career confidence and get advice on how you can find yours too!

Improve your CV with VMock

Using machine learning VMock provides you with instant feedback on your CV. All you need to do is upload your CV and within seconds you will receive a score for your CV along with lots of detailed feedback on the content, structure and presentation of your CV. Upload your CV now to work your way into the 'Green Zone'.

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Develop your interview skills via Interview360

Interview360 is the perfect tool for practicing and developing your interview skills, particularly as you prepare for online interviews. Access hundreds of questions, top tips and practice recording your interview answers.

Access Interview360

Using Handshake to search for jobs and placements

This short demonstration shows you how to use Handshake for your job/placement search