Drama / Theatre The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Wed 27 Feb, 8PM

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Presented by Centre Stage Theatre Company


From the actual transcript of Edward Carson’sbrilliant cross-examination of Wilde in the first of the trials to Wilde’s lastheartfelt words in court after sentencing ‘...and I... may I say nothing, myLord?’,

Merlin Holland, Wilde’s only survivinggrandson, and international director John O’Connor, have collected anddramatised Court records, journalist’s notes and newspaper reports of the threetrials

involving the flawed genius, Oscar Wilde.


Ironically it was Wilde’s inability to realisethe actual ‘importance of being earnest’ – superbly explored by Holland &O’Connor - that contributed to the failure of his libel action against hislover’s

father, the Marquess of Queensbury, andultimately to his downfall in the two subsequent prosecutions which finally ledto his conviction for gross indecency. The review in The Independent stated ‘...theresult is as good as being in the gallery.’


ByArrangement with Samuel French

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