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Funding Opportunities

Applicants should hold, or expect to obtain, a first or upper second class honours degree in a subject relevant to the proposed area of study; applicants deemed by Senate to hold an equivalent qualification will also be considered.

All applicants should also hold a relevant English language qualification.  All applications for studentships will be considered on a competitive basis and with regard to the applicant’s qualifications, skills, experience and interests.

Applicants should be aware that the competition for funded entry is very high. It is important that all parts of the application process are completed in accordance with instructions.  All applicants are advised to discuss their application with the staff noted within the project description prior to submission.

Applicants should note that disclosure of disability or personal circumstances should be made as part of the application process or as soon as possible thereafter in order to facilitate any necessary accommodation.


Closing Date


DfE CAST PhD Studentship in collaboration with Click Energy

"Computational approaches to real-time energy trading"

28 April 17

Prof S Coleman

DfE CAST PhD Studentship in collaboration with R&A Rules Ltd

"Movement variability and skill level for various equipment combinations in golf"

28 April 17

Prof E Wallace

DfE CAST PhD Studentship in collaboration with Kimal PLC

"Design of Smart Catheter Systems for the Prevention of Infection"

28 April 17

Prof J Davis

PhD Studentship in Social Signals for Automated Video Surveillance

28 April 17

Dr D Kerr

PhD Studentship in Decoding imagined semantic, syntactic and phonological speech processes from EEG

28 April 17

Prof D Coyle

PhD Studentship in Home Health Monitoring for Prevention and Early Intervention in Health Aging Communities

28 April 17

Dr J Condell
Dr D Gibson

PhD Studentship in Machine Learning of Big Data to Discover Mental Health Behaviour Patterns

28 April 17

Prof M Mulvenna

PhD Studentship in grand corruption and transformative justice

28 April 17

Dr K Lasslett

PhD Studentship in Better reading for better outcomes: Collaborating with schools and parents to reduce inequality through innovation and evidence-based practice

28 April 17

Dr C McDowell

PhD Studentship in Arts in collaboration with the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences (Nursing)

30 April 17

Dr L Fitzpatrick

PhD Studentship in Visualising Risk in Elder Care

3 May 17    

Prof B Taylor

PhD Studentship in Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing

5 May 17    

Prof E Harkin-Jones 

PhD Studentship "Persistent Benefits of Exercise and Vitamin C in Aging and Diabetic Cohorts Mediated by Epigenetics"

5 May 17    

Prof G Davison 

PhD Studentship in "Machine Learning and Patterning Recognition for chemical and biological environmental sensor and early warning systems"

5 May 17    

Prof P Maguire 

TEAGASC PhD Walsh Fellowship Opportunity (MRes and PhD)

Organic nutrients: defining risk and managing transfers at catchment scale

"Organic nutrient management approaches for improved agronomic and water quality goals"

5 May 17

Prof P Jordan

DfE CAST PhD Studentship in collaboration with GreenLight Medicines Ltd

"An investigation of endo-cannabinoid receptor system modulation of inflammation and pain pathways in cells involved in arthritis"

7 May 17

Dr D Gibson

PhD Studentship in Real-Time Energy Storage Capacity Determination

8 May 17    

Prof N Hewitt 

DfE CAST PhD Studentship in collaboration with Clinisent

"Designing an intelligent maternity care application to enhance the current maternity care communication system for pregnant women in Northern Ireland"

12 May 17

Prof M Sinclair

PhD Studentship in Education

12 May 17

Dr J Bates

PhD Studentship in Fuel Poverty

26 May 17

Prof S McGreal

PhD Studentship in Hierarchical carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites utilising graphene nanoflakes

28 May 17

Prof P Papakonstantinou

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Want to study on a self-funded basis?  Or have a private sponsor?

If you plan to self-fund your studies or have a sponsor who will fund your research study, you may apply at any point in the year – just download the research prospectus to find out more about project areas which we are able to support at Ulster.

Annual Studentship Competition

Our Annual Studentship Competition runs from December to February each year.  If you applied for our competition this year please see the timetable and project pages below:

Interviews by Faculties    March/April 2017
Letters sent to applicants    May/June/July/August 2017            
Studentships commence   September 2017

The advertised projects can be found on the Faculty Webpages:

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