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A list of our current and completed projects are listed below along with their related publications.

Project Activity: Person-centred practice development

Current Projects

  • Paediatric International Nursing Study: Key Performance Indicators (PINS): This pilot project is a collaboration between the University of Ulster and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to further develop and test the nursing KPIs within a range of children's wards/hospitals in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark. This pilot project aims to explore the utility of these KPIs and related measurement framework in supporting the development of person-centred practice across a range of services provided to sick children. The outcomes of this pilot study will be used to form further research in this area. (Tanya McCance & Val Wilson).
  • Improving the patient experience by exploring person-centred care: This activity focuses on a programme of practice development research that is embedded within the Belfast HSC Trust. The aim of this programme of work is to enable teams within the Belfast Trust to explore the concept of person-centredness within their own setting, to improve care delivery. (Tanya McCance & Bernadette Gribben).

Related publications

  • McCance T, Gribben B, McCormack B & Laird E (2013) Promoting person-centred practice within acute care: the impact of culture and context on a facilitated practice development programme. International Practice Development Journal, 3(1): Paper 2.
  • McCance, T., Gribben, B., McCormack, B. and Mitchell, E. (2010)Improving the Patient Experience by Exploring Person-Centred Care in Practice. Final Programme Report. Belfast: Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Completed Projects

  • Key Performance Indicators for Nursing and Midwifery Care: This was a collaborative research project between the Belfast HSC Trust, South Eastern Trust and the University of Ulster. The project aim was: to develop a framework to identify, measure and test key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant for nursing and midwifery practice in the current context. The outcomes from this project resulted in a core set of eight KPIs which are patient focused, and are strategically aligned to the patient experience agenda. This has been accompanied by development of a measurement framework, which draws on both qualitative and quantitative approaches, which has been tested across a range of practice settings. (Tanya McCance).

Related publications

  • McCance  TV, Telford L, Wilson J, MacLeod O & Dowd, A (2012) Identifying key performance indicators for nursing and midwifery care using a consensus approach. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 21(7 & 8): 1145-1154.

Project Activity: Working with older people

Current projects

  • Mental health disorders among residents of care homes: Incidence, prevalence and societal comparisons. Dr Assumpta Ryan (PI), Ms Marie O'Neill, Professor Brendan Bunting, Dr Siobhan O'Neill, Dr Sam Murphy and Ms Finola Ferry.
  • The roles, responsibilities and services provided by home helps/home care assistants within the Western Health and Social Care Trust. Dr Assumpta Ryan and Mr Kevin Moore.
  • Promoting future planning for ageing family carers of older people with learning disabilities: a 'training the trainers' approach.  Dr Laurence Taggart Dr A Ryan and Professor Roy McConkey.
  • Effective family support models during the transition of adults with intellectual disabilities into old age. Dr Laurence Taggart, Dr A Ryan and Professor Roy McConkey.
  • Person-centred care: what are the understandings, experiences and expectations of chronically ill patients in the region of South Tyrol? Dr. W. Tappeiner, Dr  A.Ryan and Dr M. Mischo-Kelling.

Completed projects

  • Planning for the future: an exploration of the needs of older family caregivers of older people with learning disabilities at home.  Dr Laurence Taggart, Dr A Ryan, Professor Roy McConkey, Dr Gary Adamson and Professor Phillip McCallion, Albany University, New York.
  • Assessing telecare for carers of older people.  Dr A Ryan, Ms B Barron, Caring for Carers, Ireland; and Ms Sarah Delaney, The Work Research Centre, Dublin.
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of theoretical and experiential interventions on students nurses contribution to the care of older people.A. Ryan, V. Melby and E. Mitchell.
  • Rural Family Carers' Experiences of the Nursing Home Placement of an Older Relative: A Grounded Theory Approach.  A. Ryan
  • Student Nurses' Experiences and Perceptions of the Role of the Health Care Assistant. Professor HP Mc Kenna, Ms F Hasson, Ms S Keeney, Professor M Sinclair and Dr A Ryan.
  • A review of service provision for older people with mental health problems within Sperrin Lakeland Health and Social Care Trust. Dr Assumpta Ryan and Mr Kevin Moore
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Performance Strategy in Improving Learning Disability Services.A. Ryan, K. Moore, S.McCann and Professor H. McKenna.  
  • The Impact of the Care in the Community Policy in Enabling Older people with Complex Needs to Remain in Their Own Home.   A. Ryan, S.McCann, and Professor H. McKenna
  • An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Nurses in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care: Benefits for Older people. V. Melby and A Ryan.

PhD projects

  • The roles, responsibilities and services provided by home helps/home care assistants within the Western Health and Social Care Trust. Kevin Moore.
  • Mood and anxiety disorders across the life-course: incorporating age within the World Mental Health survey. Ronald McDowell
  • The experiences of fathers living with cancer. Carla O Neill
  • Dignity in residential care settings through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry. Jill Murphy
  • The development and evaluation of a narrative based approach to practice development in an older adult residential care setting, utilizing residents' stories to inform practice change. Catherine Buckley.

Project Activity: Methodology Development

  • The FIRE [Framework for Translating Research into Practice] Project: EU (FP7) funded programme evaluating the effectiveness of facilitation interventions with a specific focus on getting best practice in continence care implemented in nursing homes. (with Prof Kate Seers, Warwick University; Dr Jo Rycroft-Malone, Bangor University; Dr Gill Harvey, Manchester University; Dr Angie Titchen, Fontys University, The Netherlands; Prof Alison Kitson, University of Oxford; Dr Lars Wallin, Karolinska University, Sweden; Dr Karen Cox, Fontys University, The Netherlands; Prof Carol Estabrooks, University of Alberta, Canada).
  • Evaluation of CLAHRCS (Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) in action: process, impact and theory development: SDO funded programme evaluating service/academia relationships [CLAHRCS] in England (with Prof Jo Rycroft-Malone, Bangor University; Dr Gill Harvey, Manchester University; Prof Carl Thompson, University of York; Prof Richard Baker, Leicester University; Prof Sue Dopson, University of Oxford; Dr Sophie Staniszewska, Warwick University; Prof Gavin Andrews, McMaster University; Prof Ian Graham, University of Quebec).