About the Centre for Sustainable Technologies

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) is internationally recognised as a leading academic centre

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) at Ulster University is recognised as a leading academic centre, and draws upon over 40 years of energy research.

Our research themes are:

Renewable energy

  • Solar energy – developing of solar PV and thermal systems in our large scale solar simulator
  • Bioenergy – combustion, gasification and bio-oil evaluation in our dedicated practical and analysis laboratories
  • Energy system modelling – using our ECLIPSE software performing full techno-economic analyses
  • Energy market analysis – developing models to evaluate impacts of non-dispatchable renewable energies such as wind.

Demand side management & response

  • Heat pumps – use of new components, refrigerants and cycles to reduce energy costs and demands to homes, businesses, public entities and industry
  • Thermal storage – integration of electricity market pricing signals to use heat to displace fossil fuelled processes and use of novel materials
  • ECLIPSE-i – dynamic modelling of industrial/production processes

Building energy efficiency

  • Advanced glazing – use of vacuum technology to improve window thermal performance
  • Construction materials – thermal performance testing of novel materials
  • Passive house – evaluation of passive building concepts and performance
  • Evaluation of technologies in our real-life “Terrace Street”

CST has established an authoritative analyses of rapidly developing energy markets in the UK, Ireland and Europe. It is currently at the forefront of developing technologies that will operate successfully under market conditions. The Centre focuses on an all-encompassing approach of energy supply, energy performance, energy costs and system costs driven by market operations to develop relevant energy solutions.

CST research is supported by a strong laboratory infrastructure equipped for fundamental studies and practical demonstrations that are world-leading. Our research is published by leading academic publishers, peer-review journals and policy outlets.

Our research seeks:

  • To inform policy makers on the performance of likely future energy systems and their related economic and environmental impacts.
  • To understand emerging energy markets and their related structures and how they influence technology development.
  • To utilise the Northern Ireland region as an area of outstanding wind, wave and tidal energy resources in Europe and to lead on the development of methods for its integration.