Research Centres & Groups

The activities of the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute are organised within distinct research centres and groups.

Rare Diseases

Understanding rare diseases through expert knowledge, research, and first-class facilities, with the goal to improve...

Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health

Working to solve chronic diseases by researching the impact of diet and food quality.

Personalised Medicine Centre

Developing treatments and diagnostics for degenerative diseases.

Centre for Personalised Medicine

Improving clinical decision-making and tailored patient care.

Centre for Diabetes

At the forefront of diabetes research and therapy.

Centre for Genomic Medicine

Working with genomics, the interaction between genes and health, to improve clinical care.

Centre for Optometry and Vision Science

Research with foresight.

Centre for Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our multiple laboratories cover a wide spectrum of research.

PhD opportunities in Biomedical Sciences

PhD opportunities in Biomedical Sciences

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Core Facility Units

In addition to conducting our own pioneering research, the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI) provides a diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment, specialist laboratories and infrastructure that can offer clinical & translational services to academic researchers and business.

Bioimaging Core Facility

A unique opportunity for access to imaging modalities rarely found within a single laboratory.

Biomedical and Behavioural Research Unit

Offering services for pre-clinical studies and physiological measurements in rodents.

Cell Technologies Unit

We can complete any aspect of tissue culture for external companies.

Genomics Unit

Focusing on the application of genomics technologies to better understand human disease.

Human Intervention Studies Unit

Dedicated to carrying out nutritional intervention trials on human volunteers.

Mass Spectrometry Centre

Using mass spectrometry techniques to support your research needs.

Translational Medicine Unit

Working to reduce the time to market and cost of innovative health technologies, medical devices...

Vision Science Unit

Giving external agencies the opportunity to access the expertise of our vision science staff and...

About Our Research

The Biomedical Sciences Research institute (BMSRI) spans a number of campuses and locations.

It conducts pioneering strategically focused research into health and investigates the underlying causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases.


We specialise in the study of the biological mechanisms associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease,...

Research Integrity

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Animals in Research

Our commitment to the health and welfare of animals in our care.