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By understanding the interplay of disease with the sequence, expression level, and activation states of genes and other molecules within our bodies, we are creating a new generation of treatments and robust diagnostics to inform clinical decision making across a range of chronic and degenerative diseases.

To achieve this, the centre combines deep expertise in data analytics, disease pathogenesis, biomarker discovery, and translational medicine.

Our Disease Expertise

We have collated an integrated disease sample biobank, enriched with clinical data and robust laboratory measures of genomic, proteomic and metabolomic determinants. This resource aims to facilitate the discovery and validation of biomarkers associated with disease predisposition and response to therapy, and ultimately more effective drugs.

Expanded Centre Capability

Core resources include:

  • Dedicated cell culture and microscopy labs.
  • MiSeq genomic sequencing.
  • Flow cytometry cell sorting,
  • State-of-the-art molecular and proteomic equipment.
  • Data analytics suite.

Cell & Tissue HTA Regulated Storage Capability

Ulster University's BMSRI and the Personalised Medicine Centre have extensive capabilities in human tissue storage, processing and analyses, utilising a barcoded computerised system compliant with the Human Tissue Act (HTA).

The Unit is managed by a Quality Assurance Officer as a core facility with a dedicated support team with access to:

  • Pressure fed Vapour Phase Cryo Storage System with capacity for up to 22,000 samples.
  • 1.2 million sample capacity in thirty-five -80° freezer units in a dedicated temperature-controlled environment. utilising item tracker labelling and traceability software.
  • AAW WebReact Temperature Monitoring System.