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Get more information on the application process to Ulster University below or contact us with any queries etc.

When will I know if I have been successful in gaining a Scholarship?

If you have applied for the main studentship competition please see the timetable below.

If you have applied for a stand-alone studentship please see each advertisement for applicable dates.

Closing date for online applications 24 February 2017
Interviews by Faculties    March/April 2017
Letters sent to applicants    May/June/July/August 2017            
Studentships commence   September 2017

What do I upload as part of the application?

Upload the following documents as the application cannot be submitted without these.

  1. Research Proposal
    Please upload your full Research Proposal. The title for your chosen project should have been selected from the list of approved project titles.
  2. CV
    Use an existing CV or re-use one of many CV templates available -include details of any publications you have as well as any relevant work experience related to the project area.
  3. Copy of degree(s) - or transcripts to date
    Upload a copy of your degree certificate for each degree you have undertaken. If you are currently studying towards a degree and your qualification is pending, you must upload your transcripts to date, or a print out from your university records system showing your modules and grades to date.
  4. Transcript of Degree
    Upload copies of your degree transcripts for each degree you have undertaken. Transcripts are required for ranking purposes.
  5. Proof of English Language Proficiency
    Upload a copy of your evidence proving that you meet the English language requirements of the University. For UK students this will usually be a copy of your GCSE English certificate.

    If you require a Tier 4 Visa, please note that you should provide evidence in the form of a UK Home Office approved Secure English Language Test.
  6. Personal Statement
    Upload your personal statement, indicating why you wish to study at Ulster University on this particular programme. For students requiring a Tier 4 Visa, this statement will be used to prove your 'Intent to Study' to the UK Home Office.  Guidelines on what your personal statement should contain are available on

NB – Uploading blank pages may invalidate your application

I'm having problems uploading documents

If you are having issues uploading document please note:

  • Check your pop-up blocker is off and that cookies are enabled, these may be blocking the website.
  • If possible, ask a Technician to enable cookies and assist you in uploading your documents.
  • If you are an Ulster University student it is important that you do not use the Student Portal to apply. Instead use
  • Check for firewalled/block
  • If you are using a wireless network please make sure your signal is strong
  • A re-boot of the computer often sorts out the problem.

I don't have my degree yet, what do I upload?

If you are currently studying towards a degree and your qualification is pending, you must upload your transcripts to date, or a print out from your University records system showing your modules and grades to date.

I don't have an English certificate; what do I do?

If you don't have a copy of your English certificate please upload details of your exam and results.

International Students

If you don't have an English certificate or your English certificate is out of date please upload details and dates of the test pending and email Research Student Administration with your certificate when it is received.  Self or privately funded students must supply their certificate within 60 days of submissions of PhD application.  Students applying for the main studentship competition must submit their certificates by 01 August 2017.

Please read important information on English Language Requirements for all Research Students.

What is the Proposal template?

We would advise that applicants discuss their research proposals with suitable members of academic staff prior to applying.

Applications should be in the region of 2,000 words and should address relevant literature, research aims and/or objectives, proposed methodology and expected outcomes

Please refer to the Research Proposal Guidance document for more information