Home schooling and working parents during COVID-19: trials, joys and tribulations

Are you a working parent and home schooling? Would you like to take part in a study about home schooling during COVID-19? If so, we would like to hear from you.

Project Information

What is the study about

We aim to collect data from working parents, connecting through WhatsApp and Twitter, to gather a picture of parents’ experiences during the spread of the virus. They would like to hear your views on the highs and lows of home schooling and how this particularly unusual time in your lives impacts on your family’s emotional journey over the next eight weeks.

What are we asking for

Each week you will be asked to post into a private WhatsApp group short snapshots of your home-schooling experiences. You will be asked:

  • What are the highlights of home schooling for you this week? Tell us what worked well and why you felt good.
  • What are the lows of home schooling for you this week? Tell us what didn’t work and why you felt not so good.

In addition, if you wish, each week you can illustrate what home schooling is like in your family through videos and photos posted on Twitter. At the end of the eight weeks you will be asked if you wish to participate in a focus group to discuss your experiences.

We will respond at the end of each week with a word cloud to represent a summary of your weekly responses. Please be ensured that, if you do participate, you will remain unidentified/unidentifiable in any publications based on this study.

How could you benefit

In terms of education, COVID-19 has stretched our education systems enormously, and at the end of March 2020, school closures had affected over 1.3 million children and young people across the globe that is nearly 80 per cent of the world’s population of school students (Monash University, 2020). This is an opportunity to share your thoughts so that policy makers can be better informed in the future.

If you are a parent we hope you will agree to take part. Please help us by spreading the word to others who you think may be interested. It is an opportunity for you to capture your home schooling moments as the pandemic spreads, national lockdown continues and families go through this storm together.

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