Participate in a research study on psychological skills training for endurance runners.

Project Information

University staff, students, their families and friends are invited to participate in a research study taking place at the University’s Exercise Laboratory on the Coleraine campus.

In this study we are investigating the benefits of psychological skills training on running performance. Participants complete four running sessions on a treadmill over a 6-week period. Sessions will take place on week 1, week 2, week 4, and week 6. Sessions will involve:

  • A maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) test (session 1).
  • 6-minutes running at a moderate-to-vigorous intensity (sessions 2, 3 and 4)
  • A 3 km time-trials completed as fast as possible (sessions 2 and 4).
  • During each running session, we will also perform a number of measurements including heart rate, blood lactate, and respiratory gas analysis. We will also record some key psychological variables during the 3 km time-trials.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking to recruit runners who are aged 18+, who train regularly (3+ times per week), have been running for approximately 1 year or longer, and run over any distance from 1500 m to ultra-marathon.

If you meet these criteria, I would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to volunteer to partake in this research.

This study will provide many benefits, including free VO2 max assessment, and teaching psychological skills that may be helpful to improve your running performance.

Where and when?

All sessions will take place at the Ulster University, Coleraine exercise laboratory.

Session will last approx. one hour (or 90 minutes for sessions 2 and 4) including pre-trial measurements, running activities, and post-trial measurements.

Contact: If you are willing to take part in this research and would like further information, please contact Dr Noel Brick by email ( or by phone (028 701 23111).

This study has been approved by the University Research Ethics Committee.

Register Your Interest

   Register your interest by 8th Nov 2019.

Register your interest

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Project Staff

Dr Noel Brick

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
School of Psychology
+44 28 7012 3111
G117 - Coleraine campus

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