Participate in research study, investigating vision changes in myopia ('Short Sightedness')

Project Information

University staff, students, their families and friends are invited to participate in a research study taking place at the university’s Optometry Clinic.  Please see the details below:

If you are aged between 18-60 years, you may be able to take part in a PhD study investigating vision changes in myopia (‘short sightedness’). Myopia is a common eye condition which causes many people to have to wear spectacles or contact lenses on a full time basis. A high short-sighted prescription also increases the risk of eye disease, including sight threatening retinal problems. In this study, we will be taking various non-invasive measurements of eye structure and vision with the aim of developing a better understanding of changes in the myopic visual system. This is essential if we are to find a way to detect myopia progression in the future and potentially apply treatments to halt the development of the condition.

We wish to invite individuals who are myopic (short-sighted) and those who don’t wear glasses to volunteer for this study. All measurements will be carried out at the Optometry and Vision Science laboratory at Ulster University (Coleraine campus) and will be carried out over one session (approx. 3 hrs) or split into two sessions if preferred.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

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   Register your interest by 31st Dec 2019.

Project Staff

Emma McConnell

Research Associate in Optometry and Vision Science
School of Biomedical Sciences
+44 28 7012 3650
G168 - Coleraine campus

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